Brookfield Arts Commission's Bridgit O'Hara will show her work at Town Hall.

Bridgit joined the BAC in 2020. She is from Brookfield and many may know her from her day job at the Candlewood East Marina. Bridgit's paintings were most recently featured in "Down to Earth" a 5 person show at the Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Bridgehampton Gallery.

Bridgit O’Hara is inspired by her wide array of experiences as a boater, farmer, traveler and more. However, nature is the common theme that grounds her work. When she was young, her artwork served as a theoretical map that would untangle the many paths of her present. Now as an adult, she creates to simply capture her surroundings. What had once served as an outlet for youthful expression, has now developed into a larger, more dynamic environmental passion.

Work by Bridgit O'Hara Featured in Down To Earth