Brookfield Arts Commission Presents the works of Rick Storey and Jon Finucane

In conjunction with the Brookfield Film Festival, works of Rick Storey and Jon Finucane will be on exhibit in Town Hall.

The gallery is open Monday thru Friday  9-4pm.


Rick Storey was born in White Plains, NY in 1969, grew up in Ardsley, NY and now resides with his wife and nine year-old daughter in Southbury,CT.  Art has consistently had a profound influence in all aspects of his life.  Rick has always used his artistic creativity in some way or another—while drawing portraits, studying architecture, painting, as well as interior and landscape design.

Rick has recently discovered the amazing and maddening world of abstract art. When painting, Rick puts his entire sense of being on the canvas. His heart, mind and consciousness make up each individual piece of artwork. Rick’s goal is that his audience sees something in his work that they have never seen before. He is fully aware that this type of art is not for everyone.  Some understand it and create their own individual meaning of each piece, some simply appreciate it, and some look at it and think,“Huh???”   That is what abstract art is all about. What he sees is not what every  one else sees. Rick doesn’t want you to see his vision—he wants youto see YOUR vision. You are encouraged to take it in and make it your own.

Rick relishes this process that drives him crazy and yet makes him sane.He has found his passion in abstract acrylic art, as it pushes him to clear his mind and start fresh with each new blank canvas. Ultimately, Rick’s desireis that as you walk by his paintings, one might strike you and evoke questions, thoughts, and emotions within yourself that may bring clarity and peace to your life as it has done for his.


Born in Melville, New York, and raised in South Salem, New York, I began drawing as soon as I learned which end of a pencil results in marks on the paper.    I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of creating art, but my interestsin athletics, and later aviation, always kept my art on the back burner. I recently retired from the FAA after 40 years as an air traffic controller. I was also a line pilot in corporate and charter operations for a number of years.

I decided to devote myself full time to my painting in 2008, and haven’t looked back since.  I was a member of the Lyme Art Association for three years while residing in Chester, Connecticut, and participated in a number of art exhibitions there.   In 2007, I was given the ‘Edgar Whitney Award’ for best watercolor at a show at ‘The Silo’ in New Milford, Connecticut. I am now a resident of Litchfield, Connecticut, and my work is currently being shown at ‘PS Gallery’ on West Street.

I enjoy a wide array of styles, painting “traditional” landscapes and seascapes and the occasional still-life. When I find myself with “artist’s block” and just don’t know what to do next, I “just start painting”, with no idea at all what I am about to create. Whatever comes out of my head is the subject matter, and I usually have no idea what this particular ‘abstract’ will end up being. These end up being my most enjoyable creations, because there are no preconceived notions as to what will endup on the canvas – and there is no “right or wrong” to it at all.